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I hope you will enjoy this collection of wonderful home pages as much as I enjoyed compiling it.

I want to thank everyone who put their hard work and their love of family history into creating these pages.Keep in mind that,even if none of these surnames match your search,check them out anyway,because there are many collateral family names on these pages.

Please don`t forget to sign my guestbook and let me know what you think about this page.All comments and suggestions are welcome.


Sweet Potato`s Genealogy Page (Landis/Morr/Standridge/Scheck(Schoeck,vonSchoeck)

Tom McFarland`s Home Page(McFarland and Lamont Families)

Butkus~a one name study(with various spellings)

TheEdelmann-Eddleman Genealogy Library

The African Native Genealogy Homepage

Schreiber-Cheever Genealogy

Kerchner Genealogy
Home Page

Elaine`s Genealogy Connections-Davis,Davies/Gains,Gaines and many more

The Wright Stuff

History of the Stephens Family

Loiterton Family Page

Clan Baird Society Worldwide

GenePool WebRing Home Page


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